Application hangs when runs from 0x10000

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by kabriolin on Mon Aug 11 12:53:19 MST 2014

I'am currently working on a robotics system running on some custom 1769 boards.
The system is stable and running during developpment for months now. And a new step is comming: uploading new releases by bootloader.
So the bootloader is working fine from USB and from RS485 bus. A simple application can be uploaded and lunched by the bootloader very well.
But the real one (and bigger, about 50ko) can be uploaded, but hangs when running, when the same code running from 0x0 runs very well.
So i've commented some parts of the code, is runs (from 0x10000), un-commented them, its hangs, commented some other, it's runs....

So i've uploaded the code (that hangs) with the lpc-link from 0x10000 to see what happens, and it goes to the hardfault handler with differents errors and from differents parts of the code, with corrupted registers.

Does anyone have any idea?