Rafael Ruiz

How to know the current CAN Transmit errors and receive errors?

Discussion created by Rafael Ruiz on May 7, 2008
Latest reply on May 18, 2008 by Andrew Glossop
Hi to all, i would like to know the current number of errors and there is 2 registers called:

CANTXERR (MSCAN Transmit Error Counter)
CANRXERR (MSCAN Receive Error Counter)

Both registers have the number of transmision and reception errors, but the datasheet says:

Read: Only when in sleep mode (SLPRQ = 1 and SLPAK = 1) or initialization mode (INITRQ = 1 and

Reading this register when in any other mode other than sleep or
initialization mode, may return an incorrect value. For MCUs with dual
CPUs, this may result in a CPU fault condition.

And I can't go back to initialization mode or go to sleep mode (it's not up to me).

Is there another way to know the current errors?

Thank you very much...