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Excuse me for my question, that will seem so silly to most of you, but I entered in NXP world form one week (and I come from AVR-BASCOM)
I studied system and clock control for my lpc1788, and now I want understand this:
in lpc177x_8x.h file, there is the memory map for the device, and there are declared LPC_IOCON and LPC_GPIO structs.
Can anyone explain me, the difference between the two structure?
I want understand, if for example, I want drive one led, one output pin...
I can change the state of this pin so "LPC_IOCON->P1_18=1" or "LPC_IOCON->P1_18=0"
but I can also "LPC_GPIO1->SET=(mask for 18)" or "LPC_GPIO1->CLR=(mask for 18)"