LPC17xx - Input PullUP / PullDown / Weak or Strong - Current values

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I'm looking for the values of the weak pull-ups when the LPC1768 is on default state. Looking on datasheet I found values for current on theses pins, Ipd and Ipu, but the datasheet doesn't make it clear if these values are for strong or weak PU/PD.

Another doubt is that in the page 75 the diagram show the Pin schematic and the source of the PU/PD are VDD, but in the page 20 the note [1] there is another information about pull-ups values of 2.3V to 2.6V. I measured this same value in my Board.

Are these values right? During the MCU reset these GPIOs are configured as Input Pull-up, so can I consider the "weak" configuration? These currents of Ipd and Ipu are for Weak or Strong PU/PD? Or should I consider the current showed in the page 55 on Fig 14? Which is right?

Thank you!