Need Program Support in I2C protocol with TCS34725 Color Sensor using LPC1765

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by samson.p on Fri Nov 08 02:00:59 MST 2013
Dear All,

Am using LPC1765 Controller to communicate with TCS 34725 Color Sensor.

By using the attached sample program i have written program to communicate with sensor.

The sensor is responding with acknowledge 0x44 when i read DEVICE ID(0xB2).(We are checking the data in Oscilloscope)

But, when i started to read Data addresses(0xB4-0xBB) iam getting a junk data as 0x80 or 0x81.

I would like to first initilize the sensor by enabling, AEN,PON,WEN,and also giving the values for WTIME,ATIME.

Kindly support me how to initialize the sensor and how to read the data registers.  


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