ADC channel mux speed

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I am using CMSIS to get values from internal ADC and I am polling (software control) the ADC.
Using interrupts is not an option.

What is the maximum speed for reading the ADC channels when muxing?

I have to add some nops between the calls of this function to get results.
If I call this function too early, the ChannelGetStatus never returns.

uint32_t foo(uint8_t channel)
    ADC_ChannelCmd((LPC_ADC_TypeDef *)LPC_ADC, channel, ENABLE);
    /* start integrated ADC */
    ADC_StartCmd((LPC_ADC_TypeDef *)LPC_ADC, ADC_START_NOW);

    /* wait for completion of sampling */
    while (!(ADC_ChannelGetStatus((LPC_ADC_TypeDef *)LPC_ADC, channel, ADC_DATA_DONE)));

    ADC_ChannelCmd((LPC_ADC_TypeDef *)LPC_ADC, channel, DISABLE);

    return ADC_ChannelGetData((LPC_ADC_TypeDef *)LPC_ADC, channel);