will lpc1788 usb1 work as host without VBUS/USB_PWRD1 connection?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by matianfu on Fri Jan 23 05:11:27 MST 2015
I am using lpc1788 (LQFP208) for a new design.

We need two usb host ports and lcd.

I found if I use P1_22 as USB_PWRD1, then LCD_VD[12] must go to P1_26, which is the only pin possible for LCD_VD[20].

I understand that if a standalone OTG-PHY is added, then MCU don't need USB_PWRD1 (maybe it can read regs from OTG-PHY, I guest) , but that will add extra cost. So my question is, if I can use another GPIO for VBUS instead of USB_PWRD11 pin? or could the software work without knowing VBUS status (we have OCP after all)?

Anybody can give some advice? Thanks.