Self-Erasing Program for CRP level 3 testing

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As a part of testing my (soon to be released version 3.0 of) 'mxli' I wrote an LPC17xx program that uses CRP levels 1,2 and 3.
The program uses UART0 at 115200bd, 8N1, connected to the same pins as the ISP boot loader and outputs a message after boot up. If you enter a '!' it will commit suicide and erase the whole FLASH. That way it's possible to test CRP level 3 without risk of losing the device.

I share the program with you, in case you want to test your FLASH-programming equipment's CRP features and you suffer from increased adrenaline levels and tremor when only thinking about that :O
I tested the program with LPC1754, LPC1764, LPC1758.

The archive contains the binary images crp1.bin .. crp3.bin. These images contain the corresponding CRP codes.
Do [color=#f00]NOT[/color] use these images, if you don't have access to UART0 pins P0.2 and P0.3 on your board !!

Please have a look at the source code, before using the binary images. If you don't agree with the program's sector-scanning erasure algorithm, then don't use it!

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