RTC on LPC1788 counts wierd?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by FrankAndersen on Tue Apr 08 05:36:13 MST 2014
Hi All,

I think I have seen this in a forum somewhere before, but I can not find it.

I have a design with LPC1788, where I want to use the internal RTC. On some of the boards, it counts time just fine.

But now I have one where it increases both hours, minutes and seconds every seconds, it is proberly some kind of test mode.

But where is it enabled/ disabled, and why does it not disapear when the power is removed from the RTC.

I am begining to have doubts about using the internal RTC of the LPC1788, as I see all kind of topics regarding this?

Best regards,

Frank Andersen