LCD Driver LPC177x_8x_lcd.c clocking question

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by EReyes on Mon Feb 06 21:44:11 MST 2012
I pulled the latest version on the driver library git repository. When I tried to use the LCD driver I found the clock was not being generated correctly (checked with an oscilloscope).

This is the relevant code (starts at line 114)

// Set clock
LPC_LCD->POL &= ~(0x01 << 5);
if( pConfig->panel_clk > 0) {
          clkdiv = CLKPWR_GetCLK(CLKPWR_CLKTYPE_CPU) / pConfig->panel_clk - 1;
  LPC_SC->LCD_CFG = clkdiv & 0x1F;

Shouldn't the fourth line be like this?

          clkdiv = CLKPWR_GetCLK( <FONT COLOR="Red">CLKPWR_CLKTYPE_PER</FONT>) / pConfig->panel_clk - 1;

I was under the impression the LCD module is clocked by the peripheral clock and not the core clock.