hardfault when lpc1788 bootloader jumps to user application

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I've written a bootloader for the lpc1788.
The bootloader successfully reads an image from a sd-card during startup and loads it in the flash memory when the version, length or crc differs from the image currently in flash.
The problem is when I call the user code using a function pointer the microcontroller gets a hardfault error.
This is how I store the code in flash:
  [*]the bootloader is stored in address 0 to 0x5000(sector 0 to 4)
  [*]meta data about image in flash is stored at address 0x5000(sector 5)
  [*]user application is only 1440 bytes and blinks an led(no interrupts) and is stored from address 0x6000(sector 6)
  [*]flash is written in blocks of 4kiB and is padded with zeros so a flash signature can be calculated(this works as well)
  [*]start and size of flash has been properly entered in keil

Before I call the user code I disable the systick timer. No other peripherals are enabled. This is how I call the user code:

typedef void (*user_code_pointer_type)(void);

void run_user_code(void){
  user_code_pointer_type user_code_entry;
  //user_code_entry = (user_code_pointer_type)((uint32_t*)(user_start_sector_address + 4));//causes invstate at 0x6004
  user_code_entry = (user_code_pointer_type)(user_start_sector_address|1);//causes impreciserr at 0x6006
  //user_code_entry = (user_code_pointer_type)(user_start_sector_address);//causes invstate at 0x6000
  //NVIC_SetVTOR(user_start_sector_address);//hardfault handler of user code is called instead

I've tried disabling interrupts, moving interrupt vectors, moving vectors to ram and other things. Nothing works. What am I doing wrong?