Questions about UART in RS-485 mode

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ezharkov on Wed Jul 31 07:59:30 MST 2013
I wanted to make sure that I understand the LPC (1788) UART correctly, just as a sanity check. I'm so used to a UART on another platform, AVR, so that every time I see something different, I start questioning my understanding of the datasheet.

So, here it goes. Couple of questions.

1) I see that there is TXEN. But there is no RXEN. I.e., there is not way to have RX disabled, right? Not that I need to have RX disabled, just curious.

2) When I transmit something to RS-485, I do not receive anything back. I assume this is because I use Auto Direction Control and the receiver gets disabled automatically when the transmitter is active, right? Is there anything in a datasheet that clearly documents this behavior?