Port 2 - Pin17 Disables Port 2 - Pin 4 with IOCON switch

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by pcproa on Wed Dec 21 12:43:45 MST 2011

I have an LPC1788 (LQFP 208 Pin) that I'm trying to use the built in 24Bit LCD Controller and EMC to control SDRAM.

Today I noticed that the LCD_ENAB_M (P2[4]) state would never change. It would always stay low. I tried configuring it strictly as an IO pin and forcing it high.
When I set it high at the beginning of the program it would switch fine, then shut off somewhere during my device initialization. I decided to step through all of the events and found that it would return low while starting up the EMC. Specifically _EMC_RAS (P2[17]). When I take out the entire initialization sequence P2[4] will stay high the entire time.

Is anyone able to replicate this issue or has experienced something like this before? Or a solution to the problem?

Thanks in advance,