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Intermittent problem connecting to MC9S08QD4

Question asked by Guest on May 7, 2008
Hi all,

I've got a TBDML / OSBDM hybrid (TBMDL board, running modified OSBDM firmware) which I've been using recently to program a proto board containing a MC9S08QD4. However, I seem to often have some difficulty getting the "HCS08 Open Source BDM" module of the debugger to reliably connect and enter debugging mode.

I've recently discovered that I seem to get more luck if I place my finger on the BDM pins while trying to connect! Once I've got a connection, it is reliable until the next time I reset the board.

I'm using CW 6.1 (Special Edition), and the protoboard just contains the MCU IC, and two caps (10uF elec for supply smoothing, and a 10nF noise suppression) between supply and ground. All other pins are floating.

Any suggestions as to what the problem may be?