[SOLVED] Dead LPC1788 ?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Jacquot on Thu Oct 23 04:11:17 MST 2014
Dear LPC community,
I have been using an LPC1788 for a while now [on an FDI uEZGUI-1788-70WVM board]. As a debugger, i use the J-Link LITE ARM from SEGGER. For the IDE, i use CrossWorks for now....

I was pretty happy about all of these [except the fact that the debugger cannot `stop processor' quite frequently] until this morning. Indeed I've been developping for some months on this platform and very often flashing the device, it used to work well.

This morning i flashed the device several times and after a while i ended up with a "Can't find debug component in ROM table" message.
I checked everything that may seem related to this issue for me, but i cannot find any solution to this, and my device is now not powering up [i mean, i can see the power supply LED on, but the screen does not light or anything] and reluctant to being flashed [still the same error message]
The checks i have made are as follow :
- Check power supply : OK [checked with another board and it works]
- Check USB cables/various connections [PC<->Debugger, debugger <-> board looks okay too]
- Launched the JLINK commander, i get the following message

WARNING: at least one of the connected devices is not JTAG compliant

and then the commander checks for JTAG, SWD, FINE, in both normal and slow speed and cannot find anything
- Tried to connect to the target using Flash Magic with no success
- Tried to plug/unplug power supply multiple times without any noise/light from the board

I am afraid i broke everything though the firmware i flashed in the last session was roughly the same as before and i am not hacking lowlevel things, just doing a basic GUI with it.

Crawling through the forum i'm aware of this http://www.lpcware.com/content/forum/lpc1788-cannot-find-debug-component-rom-table which seems useful, but i wonder whether i should dig into this since i did not play with anything as low level as the OP.

Any help would be appreciated, i used to like this board :)
Thanks in advance !