LPC1758 RTC errata + LPC1758 power consumption from IRC/RTCclock

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Hello !

LPC175x errata, rev.8.3:
Problem: The RTC does not work reliably within the temperature specification.

There is some info at the different forums about internal LPC175x and LPC176x RTC failure at high temperatures or at battery-to-main power switching.
But all of them are about RTC with external crystal !
Does anybody use internal LPC RTC with external clock generator ? External active generator with internal thermo compensated crystal with TTL-output level.
Can I use RTC domain at LPC1758, or it's not a good idea?

Added: power consumption ?

Next question is about power consumption from IRC (IRC 4MHz clocking, active mode, all peripherials off, PLL off)
and from RTC clock + PLL (RTC 32kHz clocking, PLL on, core frequency 1MHz, active mode, all peripherials off)

Minimal active power consumtion in datasheet is "7mA at 12MHz w/o PLL" and we can't find any specs in datasheet about core power consumption
from internal IRC generator or from КЕС+PLCC clockimg scheme.
Where can we get this info?