Help me choose the right 17xx device

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by bomba82 on Fri Sep 05 02:23:11 MST 2014
  I am a happy user of LPC11C24 microcontroller. Now I am planning to use another NXP ARM microcontroller for a more complex project. I need 2 CAN ports, and I don't need a lot of I/Os, so using the parametric search I isolated the LPC1758. It has the lowest pin count (LQFP80) among the uCs with 2 CAN ports. I think it can be a good choice for my project, but now comes the dilemma. The only evaluation kit I found is the "Keil LPC1758 Evaluation Board" that has a lot of features, but costs a lot. I am also in doubt if I can use it with LPCXpresso. I then found a board by Embedded Artists (EA-XPR-003), which costs a lot less, and is very similar to the kit I already own for LPC11C24.
Then, here it is my question: do you think I can use the EA-XPR-003 to start developing and then switch to LPC1758 for production? Will it be difficult to adapt the code from LPC1769 to LPC1758?

Thanks and best regards!