LPC1768, problem wiht f/w download , use iap reinvolk isp command and flashmagic

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        At first, sorry about my poor English.
        My problem is :
        I want to download f/w without reset  mcu and set  P2[10]  to low,So I use the IAP RE-INVOKE ISP command.But when I start the flash magic , it shows "Failed to autobaud - step 1" just after the command sent.
        Bellow is the code which I invoke the command( according http://www.lpcware.com/content/blog/reinvoke-isp-user-code-example-lpc177x-lpc178x for simple example):

static unsigned int iap_cmd[5];
static unsigned int iap_ret[4];
//  IAP Command
typedef void (*IAP)(uint32_t *cmd,uint32_t *result);
IAP iap_entry = (IAP) 0x1FFF1FF1UL;
static void restart_isp(){
LPC_SC->PLL0CON   = 0x00;  // disable PLL        
  LPC_SC->PLL0FEED  = 0x55;

LPC_SC->CLKSRCSEL = 0; // select  IRC
        LPC_SC->CCLKCFG   = 1;

       /* Set stack pointer to ROM value (reset default) */
       __set_MSP(*((uint32_t *) 0x1FFF0000));

iap_cmd[0] = 0x57; // RE-INVOKE ISP Command
        iap_entry(iap_cmd,iap_ret);        // Call IAP Command
return ;