multi use ssp0

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I have a spi-lcd on SSP0/1 and a sd-card on SSP0/0. Even if  disconnect the lcd from SSP0, the card does not work. properly. Where could be the problem

void deselect (void)
cs_sd_high;/* CS = H */
xchg_spi(0xFF);/* Dummy clock (force DO hi-z for multiple slave SPI) */
SSPxCR0 |= (1<<CPOL);
SSPxCR0 |= (1<<CPHA);

__set_PINSEL(1, 20, 0);// Attach SCK0 to I/O pad
__set_PINSEL(1, 23, 0);// Attach MISO0 to I/O pad
__set_PINSEL(1, 24, 0);// Attach MOSI0 to I/O pad

//SSP0CPSR = 2;//oder 2?