do FIOSET and FIOCLR need shared memory protection with RTOS

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by william.vh on Sun May 31 12:11:47 MST 2015
Using LPCXprersso IDE with LPC1769 and implementing freeRTOS..but reasonably new to RTOS and the concept of shared resources protection.
I am struggling to determine if FIOSET and FIOCLR need mutex protection if multiple tasks are toggling pins on the same port.

As simple pin set in C looks like this:

33        LPC_GPIO0->FIOSET = (1 << pin);

               0000113c:   movs r3, #1
               0000113e:   lsls r3, r0
               00001140:   ldr r2, [pc, #4]        ; (0x1148 <GPIO_0_on+12>)
               00001142:   str r3, [r2, #24]
               00001144:   bx lr
               00001146:   nop
               00001148:   stmia r0!, {}
               0000114a:   movs r0, #9

No two tasks use the same pin, but tasks do share the port.
I caught something on the logic analyzer (that I can't recreate) yesterday that can only be explained by a malfunctioning sensor or a shared resource issue. The sensor seems fine.

Do I need mutex protection for the FIOSET and FIOCLR registers?

Thanks in advance.