LP1768 / DP83848 , Hangs on initialization, possible 2 traces flipped.

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I am trying to write software for a new designed board. It has the NXP LPC1768 and DP83848 Phy. The microcontroller crashes when i try to initialize ethernet. Even JTAG connection is lost. I traced it down to this part in code, after the reset method it hangs:

/* Basic Ethernet interface initialization */
void Chip_ENET_Init(LPC_ENET_T *pENET, bool useRMII)

We use LPCXpresso Pro and LPCOpen. Code is build upon the FreeRTOS_Webserver example. I am not a hardware engineer, the board was made by some other person. When i look at the schematics, i think there are 2 lines flipped.

LPC1768    PIN 43    P1(27)/CLKOUT/USB_OVRCR/CAP0(1)    ==>    DP83848    PIN 29    RESET
LPC1768    PIN 44    P1(28)/MC2A/PCAP1(0)/MAT0(0)    ==>    XTAL_OSC_DX057 (50MHz) PIN 1 INH

Since i'm not a hardware engineer, i am not sure this is correct and have my doubts about it. Is there anybody out here that can confirm that this is a hardware design "mistake"? And is there a way to flip these 2 signal pins in software?

This is my first embedded project so any help is appreciated.

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