Driving controllerless LCD (4.3 inch)

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I have got my LPC1788 working. It is using FreeRTOS, I can send data to the uart port and get it in my terminal, and I can blink an led.
I want to now use my LCD. I have been advised to use emWin.

I have downloaded it and copied the folders emWin522_Config, emWin522_header and emWin522_library to lpcopen -> lpcopen/software/emWin

I have read the porting example however the examples there use an LCD controller. My LCD

I dont think has a controller? This is my board:

Has anyone got any advice on using it with out a controller?

Segger provide this basic example:

Which seems to only rely on GUI.h
Can I get this to work?
I think I just need to tell it how my LCD is connected and give it the driver file for my LCD but Im not sure where to get that, or how to know its the right one?