LPCOpen - LPC176x board - the old Code Red Board - and availability of replacements

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Jeff Adams on Tue Feb 18 04:49:33 MST 2014
Hi Everyone,

thanks for the help with the uip problem.

I've realised I'm potentially in a 'bad place' with the age of my development board. I have old Code Red RDB1768V2R4 boards.

I've been trying to find the best way to get an Ethernet stack on my new project, and after a few searches and questions, it seems LPCOpen and its LwIP implementation seem the way to go.

(I have found some standalone ports of LwIP for the LPC176x, but I see a lot of forum traffic saying these don't work very well.)

However, I'm guessing the LPCOpen demonstration programs won't run on the old Code Red board.

So - is there a way to systematically port the LPCOpen demonstrations to run on the Code Red board?

The obvious solution seems to be to get hold of the 'new' LPCXpresso LPC1768 board (OM1300?), but according to the NXP website, there are only 6 of these available in the entire world. (Seems unlikely.)

I either need to get hold of a new board very quickly, or find a way to make the LCOpen examples work on the Code Red board.

Has anyone got any suggestions / hints / boards / information / pointers ?

Kind regards

Jeff Adams (UK)