Timer as PWM on LPC1769

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Currently developping a new release of an existing personnal board, i'm looking for reaplacing the current 3 uC by an LPC1769.

So I need 6 PWM at 50Hz, that's OK with the PWM module.
But I need 2 more PWM at 10KHz, I was expecting to use one of the Timer module.
Actually I can only create 2 square waves, change the frequency, but not the dutycycle.

I've use TIMER2, with MAT2.0 and MAT2.1 as channels, and MAT2.2 to reset as I did on LPC1347 on the first release.
But on GPIO0.6 and GPIO0.7, I can only see two beautiful squares, not really PWMs.

Is it any way to use a TIMER as PWM without using interrupts?

This is my Init code:

        /*By default, the PCLKSELx value is zero, thus, the PCLK for
all the peripherals is 1/4 of the SystemFrequency. */
/* Bit 12~13 is for TIMER2 */
pclkdiv = (LPC_SC->PCLKSEL1 >> 12) & 0x03;
switch ( pclkdiv )
case 0x00:
pclk = SystemCoreClock/4;
case 0x01:
pclk = SystemCoreClock;
case 0x02:
pclk = SystemCoreClock/2;
case 0x03:
pclk = SystemCoreClock/8;

LPC_PINCON->PINSEL0 |= (0x1<<12)|(0x1<<13); //P0.6 as MAT2.0
LPC_PINCON->PINSEL0 |= (0x1<<14)|(0x1<<15); //P0.7 as MAT2.1

LPC_TIM2->TCR = 2;//Reset counter

LPC_TIM2->IR = 0x0F;          /* Clear MATx interrupt include DMA request */

        LPC_TIM2->EMR |= (1<<0)|(1<<4)|(1<<5); //MAT2.0, toogle on reset
LPC_TIM2->EMR |= (1<<1)|(1<<6)|(1<<7); //MAT2.1, toogle on reset

LPC_TIM2->PR  = pclk/1000000; /* set prescaler to get 1 M counts/sec */

LPC_TIM2->MR0 = 5000;  /* Set up interval */
LPC_TIM2->MR1 = 3000;  /* Set up interval */

LPC_TIM2->MR2 = 10000; /* Set up interval */

LPC_TIM2->MCR = (0x1<<7);/* Reset on MR2 */

LPC_TIM2->TCR = 1;     //Start Timer