[SOLVED] Bootloader Implementation For LPC1769. Isp Response Problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sukrubahadir on Mon May 16 04:15:26 MST 2016
I am communicating with lpc1769 when lpc1769 is in ISP mode.
First I want to synchronize with lpc1769.
I send "?" to lpc1769 and lpc1769's response is "Synchronized\r\n". This is ok but I send "Synchronized\r\n" again then LPC1769 sends me  Synchronized\rOK\r\n.
But when I read the user manual, it says LPC1769 will return just "OK\r\n". So what is the problem ? why LPC1769 dont send me just "OK\r\n" ?
Do you have any idea ?
Thanks for your replies...