LPC1769 - Programming Problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sukrubahadir on Tue May 24 05:50:29 MST 2016
I am working on ISP programming. I write wrong value to ram and flash. Now I can't program my LPC1769.
I am trying to program LPC1769 using LPCxpresso IDE and flash magic. But I cant program LPC1769.

LPCxpresso ide says :

Nt: Connected: was_reset=false. was_stopped=true
Cr:v LPCXpresso Free License - Download limit is 256K
Pc: ( 70) License Check Complete
Nt: Loading ELF file 'thermoPower_controller.axf' at location 00000000
Nc: AFTER driver startup timeout
Wc: Driver Register State
Wc:  R0:     10002620
Wc:  R1:     00000000
Wc:  R2:     00000000
Wc:  R3:     00000000
Wc:  R4:     00000000
Wc:  R5:     00000000
Wc:  R6:     00000000
Wc:  R7:     00000000
Wc:  R8:     00000000
Wc:  R9:     00000000
Wc:  R10:    00000000
Wc:  R11:    00000000
Wc:  R12:    00000000
Wc:  SP:     10000600
Wc:  LR:     FFFFFFF9 (exception from main thread)
Wc:  PC:     00000000
Wc:  xPSR:   00000003
Wc:  MSP:    10000600
Wc:  PSP:    10000620
Wc:  CFBP:   00000001
Wc:Exception information:
Wc:1000061C:  xPSR:   00000000
Wc:10000618:  VECTPC: 10000034
Wc:10000614:  LR:     10000035
Wc:10000610:  R12:    00000000
Wc:1000060C:  R3:     00000000
Wc:10000608:  R2:     00000000
Wc:10000604:  R1:     00000000
Wc:10000600:  R0:     10002620
Wc:E000ED38:  BFAR:   E000EDF8
Wc:E000ED28:  CFSR:   00020000
Wc:E000ED2C:  HFSR:   40000000 ()
Wc:E000ED30:  DFSR:   00000000
Wc:E000ED3C:  AFSR:   00000000
Wc:E000ED24:  SHCSR:  00000000

Nc: Flash Driver V.2 startup failed - rc Ef(34): Timed-out initializing flash.
Pb: (100) Writing Flash ended with an error.
Ed:05: File 'thermoPower_controller.axf' load failure: Ef(34): Timed-out initializing flash.
Wc: SWD Frequency (Final): 250 KHz.
Pc: (100) Target Connection Failed

and flash magic says "failed to autobaud".

and last, when I try to program LPC1769 with ISP, LPC1769 does not respond.

So, Can my LPC1769 live or Is my LPC1769 dead ?