C# ISP Utility With Source Code

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I've attached a free C# library with source code for anyone that is interested in developing their own C# ISP utility. The library supports communication using either a standard serial port or an FTDI device. You can try out the library using the ISPDemo application included within the archive. It currently supports automatic detection of LPC17xx and LPC18xx devices, but it does support manual entry of the memory map to support programming of any device.

If you'd prefer an application to simply use, rather than a library, I also provide a free GUI and console Programmer application. They can be downloaded at www.dzxdesigns.com (you do need to create an account to download) and are included within the Utility Tools installation.

I've created this free software to complement our commercial embedded software. The library also provides communication with a generic USB device using the WinUSB driver (see USBDemo) and it supports programming via the DZX secondary USB DFU bootloaders. 

DZX Designs

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