LPC17xx sleep modes and software reset error when invoked in interrupt

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by wlamers on Mon Aug 27 12:48:59 MST 2012
Hello All,

I have a problem with both the sleepmodes and NVIC_reset(), aka software reset.

The problem is present on two totally distinct boards, both with a LPC1769 uC.

If I enter the sleepmode within main() or another function, except an interrupt routine, the sleep mode is working perfecly. The uC wakes also with an external interrupt on EINT0. The reset function does its job also well in the main function.

But when a sleepmode or reset request is invoked inside an interrupt routine trouble starts. The sleep mode lookes to be entered but the uC does not wake up anymore.

E.g. enter a sleep mode with EINT1 and wake with EINT0:

void EINT0_IRQHandler(void)

void EINT1_IRQHandler(void)

Anybody a clue why this does not work properly?