Porting issues from LPC1768 to 1788 Microcontroller

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Ashfaq Ahmed on Mon Sep 02 06:55:52 MST 2013
We are designing a handheld product using LPC1788 Microcontroller.

Initially we had the design using LPC1768 but due to some limitations in our design we had to use the higher version of the microcontroller LPC1788. When I tried to use the same CMSIS which I had used for LPC1768 I’m facing lot of porting issues and the peripherals like USB are not supported in the CMSIS version that I’m using. Can you please suggest what is the latest version of the CMSIS and share the link for the same.

Can the LPC1700 CMSIS can be used for LPC178x microcontroller?