Computation of temperature using Temp Sensor Lm35 with LPC1768

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I have connected a LM35 to ADC channel 1 of LPC1768. getting a value of 306(adc reading).

Vref =5V
For 12 bit ADC
Step size = 5V/4096=1.22mV
to calculate the output voltage.
Vout in mV = adc_reading*Step size
   = 306*1.22mV= 373.32mV

LM35 sensor gives an output of 10mV for every 1 degree centigrade.
so the measured temperature is = 373.32/10= 37 degree centigrade

But bangalore's(Today's temp -17/08/2013) temperature reading is 29 degree centigrade.

Referred Mazidi's AVR Microcontroller and Embedded Systems book,
The digital output from ADC is calculated by the below formula
Vout = analog input voltage/step size
if Vout is calculated with the above formula then o/p voltage is
Vout = 306/1.22=250.819mV

Voltage to temperature conversion = 250.819mV/10mV = 25.08 degree centigrade.

Unable to figure out what is right. Kindly help. Sorry for this silly question.

Also connected an LDR to ADC channel 0 of LPC1768. Calculated the measured output voltage
Vout = adc_reading*step size.
for adc_reading = 55-> vout = 0.064713
adc_reading = 3245-> vout = 3.962149
adc_reading = 4095-> vout = 4.999995

May be you experts can throw some light on this. confused as to why i am unable to get the right temperature as per my city.