Spansion Flash File System

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by crudo on Wed Nov 28 14:16:00 MST 2012
I am trying to use the Spansion FFS on LPC1788 chip, but I don't know how to configure the flash chip interface (I/O's or EMC).
I read about FLASH_RW and FLASH_RD macros, but I can't understand how they work. I follow the steps on LLD (Spansion Low Level Driver) documentation, no success. I intent use too the other layers of Spansion FFS: SpansionBD and SpansionFS, if anyone can provide a example I am so grateful.

The functionality that I expect is like this:

/* flash_config.h */
/* Flash configuration defines */

/* main.c */
fp = flash_fopen("/text.txt", "w");
flash_fwrite(fp, 1, sizeof(buffer), buffer);
fp = flash_fopen("/text.txt", "r");
flash_fread(fp, 1, sizeof(buffer), buffer);

The flash chip that I am using is S29Gl064N90TFI04 (NOR).

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Ricardo Crudo.