hardware bug?

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LPC1788 208
I2C0 for RTC,SPI for FALSH,hardware interrupt.
just I2C,is ok;just spi,is ok.
If i read RTC,and read data from flash through spi whiletime,i2c's state machine run wrong sometimes.
the I2C sequence of read RTC is:
1 send "start" ok ,the status of I2C0 is 0x08
2 send "slave addr+W" ok, the status is 0x18
3 send "addr" over,  the status is 0x28,
4 send " Resart",most of time,the status is 0x10,and is right ,but maybe 0x28 occasionally.
if i just resd RTC ,is ok.
who can tell me why?