emWin BSP 5.22 porting to the customized LPC1788 board

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Hi fiends
I'm trying to port the emWin BSP 5.22 to my LPC1788 board. However, after two weeks I was  not successful.
I changed the LCDConf.c, LCDConf.h, GUIConf.h  and all the needed files according to my board.
Unfortunately when I download the program to the LPC1788, It freeze and it seems that CPU can not execute GUI_Init().

In debug mode, I realized  (maybe) that CPU can not exit from  _I2C_Start() function.  what is the problem you think?

Aso when I delete these files:
• System/HW/I2C_PCA9532.c
• System/HW/I2C_PCA9532.h
• System/HW/I2C.c
• System/HW/I2C.h

as stated in AN11218, I got some errors about the I2C functions. I don't use external eeprom and PCA9532.

Can anybody help me?