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I have trouble with reading a pin as input. I use the code below. I can only read the pin one time and even if its physical state changes , i can not read the change. In user manual its stated ("if an FIOPIN register is read, its bit(s) masked with 1 in the FIOMASK register will be read as 0 regardless of the physical pin state".)page122, but i can not solve this problem.

static LPC_GPIO_TypeDef (* const LPC_GPIO[5]) = { LPC_GPIO0, LPC_GPIO1, LPC_GPIO2, LPC_GPIO3, LPC_GPIO4  };

uint32_t GPIOGetValue (uint32_t portNum, uint32_t bitPosi)
    uint32_t val;
    LPC_GPIO[portNum]->FIOMASK = ~ (1 << bitPosi);
    val = LPC_GPIO[portNum]->FIOPIN;
    val = val >> bitPosi;
    LPC_GPIO[portNum]->FIOMASK = 0x00000000;
    return val;