LCD AHB master interface with SDRAM in row bank colum

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Hi All

I'm using SDRAM as external memory. The address mapping was setup as row,bank,collumn

I uses the extermal SDRAM as frame buffer location

But when I enable the LCD controller, the data in the frame buffer kept changing. Also did the LCD controller read the data wrong!!

I have know tried setting up the SDRAM as bank,row,collumn and now everything works with the LCD controller.

Changing the DynamicConfig0 value from 0x00000480 to 0x00001480 did the trick...

Now the $1 million question. Can someone explain me why?

Has it something to do with how the LCD AHB master DMA works?

Why did it "change" the frame buffer data?

Possible to run the LCD controller with SDRAM setup as row,bank,collumn?