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When i try to download files from link mentioned in lpcware for lpc1788+LWIP+FREERTOS, i am getting the following error.

The sw.lpcware.com site is currently not available. This will be back online soon!
Although you can't browse code or pull snapshots, you can still pull from the GIT repos at one of the following clone URLs:

descriptionLH7xxxx Common Driver Library (CDL) code
clone urlhttp://git.lpcware.com/lh7xxxx.git

descriptionLPC175x_6x CMSIS driver library
clone urlhttp://git.lpcware.com/lpc175x_6x.git

descriptionLPC177x_8x CMSIS driver library
clone urlhttp://git.lpcware.com/lpc177x_8x.git

descriptionLPC18xx CMSIS driver library
clone urlhttp://git.lpcware.com/lpc18xx.git

descriptionLPC3xxx Common Driver Library (CDL) for LPC313x and LPC32x0
clone urlhttp://git.lpcware.com/lpc3xxx_cdl.git

descriptionLPC407x_8x/177x_8x CMSIS driver library
clone urlhttp://git.lpcware.com/lpc407x_8x_177x_8x.git

descriptionLPC43xx CMSIS driver library
clone urlhttp://git.lpcware.com/lpc43xx.git

descriptionNXP LPC port of the Lightweight TCP/IP Stack <-> http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/lwip/
clone urlhttp://git.lpcware.com/lwip_lpc.git

descriptionNXP SWIM library
clone urlhttp://git.lpcware.com/swim.git

Where to download all these stuffs for EA1788 developers kit?

Thanks in Advance.