Anyone got a flawless working combination of lpc1788, FreeRTOS and lwIP?

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Hi all

I do have some difficulties getting the lwip running stable on my LPC1788 target.

Im using FreeRTOS with heap 3 type.
lwip 1.4.1

When the target runs for minutes/hours with high activity, it seems to suddenly crash. Cant ping the target, but seems to run (All  TCP ip tasks are running.)

I use a simple TCP connection to a PC test tool.

When looping small data package (14 bytes) between the target and PC application is seems to go for ever.
But with bigger package sizes is starts to be buggy.

If I send 128 bytes package, it start generating re-transmissions (seen in wireshark). It ultimates crashes (Stops working)
lpc17xx EMAC.o is located in P-RAM (0x20000000). Just as the mem.o and memp.o from the lwip.

I use net_conn api with call back. I know the API is re-entrant, so the receive and send function protected with a critical section, so the RX and TX doesnt access the API at the same time.
I also are sure  I got the interrupts priorities correct!

It might help moving the mem.o and memp.o to my extern SDRAM, so i get more space for pbuf's. But I think it is leaking big time so it is just a matter of time.

Searching around here and on the net, indicates that many people struggle to get the compo lpc1788/freertos/lwip to work fine!

It seems to behave better when the pc application runs in XP instead of windows 7??

Does some one has working sample/project? I use KEIL...

Are there any alternatives to the lwip ? (No need to be free, just work :-))