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Significant Current Increase when programming flash  08QG8

Discussion created by Celso Monteiro on May 7, 2008
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I was working on a flash programming problem in QG8 BDM, SSDD. I realized that when flash programming was in course some Hiwave messages appear and the operation was aborted - Great news! I've been thru this at least 10 times before, specially in crytical phases - but the symptoms were quite different this time.

I've noticed a sudden current increase in current and due to shunt regulator topology, the current was over the "specs worst case" and the uP voltage dropped and caused the malfunction.

I can imagine that the flash charge pump could add some extra miliamps, but the boot of the charge pump really turned my regulator down.

I couldn't find on the specs any idea on this burst current, does anyone have a clue on what could be (worst case)?

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