How can I make an application that will be used in another addres of flash ?

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Hi, guys,

I am using LPC1768 and trying to make an application to used it as an apllication joined by my secondary bootloader .
About secondary bottloader I've been seen several topics and I know my secondary bootloader that is using UART is OK.

But I have some problems in my own application ,acually I use IAR Embedded Workbench IDE , and I know by LPCXpresso it's easy to make an application for example for an espesial address and use it.
By compairing these two compliler I found that in LPCXpresso we just to need to go to MCU settings tab and adjust flash location at youe address you want.but in IAR Embedded we should go to linker configuration edit and there are 3 tabs there .in ROM start address I insert my address but as I see I have to change vectore table start in first tab also !!

when I change vector table and ROM start adders ( both ) in same address that I want I see in binarry output file a very stingy amount at the top of this file you can see some 00 00  ... but by LPCXpresso and the top of binary output file is vectores .