Bug in IP_UART_SetBaud

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by jackandrews on Fri Sep 13 07:32:17 MST 2013
Just a heads up... there is a bug in IP_UART_SetBaud which allows values of DIVADDVAL and DLL to violate this statement in the user manual: "Important: If the fractional divider is active (DIVADDVAL > 0) and DLM = 0, the value of
the DLL register must be greater than 2." (page 334).

I.e. it will generate DIVADDVAL = 1 and DLL = 2, which ends up breaking RX (interestingly it still generates the correct TX baud).  Try inputting the value of 2291667 for example.  It is possible to generate this baud (DLL = 3, DIVADDVAL =1 and MULADDVAL =11)...