Graphics library for LPC1788

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Hi everyone,
ok, those who helped me before to get my board talking with my jtag with my computer, thank you very much. Its working! serial data is coming through beautifully.

Now I want to get my lcd working.

I have downloaded emwin and swim-nxp, as I dont know why I would choose one over the other, however:

emWin seems to be compiled code. I dont have a problem with that, however I dont know how to set it up for my board.
I assume there is a way to define the connections to the lcd, and an LCD_init(), a lcd_drawLine() etc etc, or functions to that affect once i have setup the connections. emWin also seems to only have code available for VisualStudio2010, uVision4, LPCXpress_5 and EmbeddedWorkbench_6. I want to compile from the command line using my Makefile and Make. I therefore dont think I can use these - or Im not sure how if I can.

swim-nxp seems to be closer to what Im after, it has documentation outlining the available functions/variables etc, and source code in a folder called swim.
I assume then, I can take the source code and put them in a directory near my program, then in the makefile point to it, and then call the intitalization, drawing functions from main. Fine.
However I cant find the way to set it up or how to initalize it. Also I think my size lcd isnt supported (4.3inch).

If someone could point me to the right files for the LPC1788 and give me some instruction on how to set it up I would be very grateful. Thanks