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Looking for 68HC705C8A Replacement In HC908 Family

Discussion created by Bill Bores on May 7, 2008
Latest reply on May 7, 2008 by bigmac
First off, to whomever comments and helps steer my search, thank you for your time.

As my subject topic describes, I am looking for a current production replacement for the 68HC705C8A and here are more specifics that are steering the criteria.  Due to the nature of our first rework phase, we need to retain the following lines and need the following pins functions directly accessible. 

Here is a jpg file of what I am seeking to achieve.

The link below is from our schematic.

Package SDIP - 40 / 42 pins. 
We also need non-multiplexed ports, PA, PB, and PC.

The MC68HC908AP8 is very close except that MOSI/MISO is defined with pins on port C.

The closer to the above criteria we can come, the less redesign of our external components and rewriting code. 

The SDIP requirement is related to the ease with which a 40 PDIP can be replaced using our on-board ZIF socket.  All this stated another way would be a current model with all the exact pin function and definitions exacly the same.  If a good match is available in a higher pin count, we will go with a different package. 

Thanks much,