EMC and addressing

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Hi all

I'm currently trying to get our SDRAM interface up running. It is a custom board running a LPC1788 at 120 MHz with a Micron MT48LC8M16A2 (128 Mbit, 8M*16, B=4, R=12, C=9)

In the user manual for the lpc1788 UM10470 page 179 it is stated:

"The SDRAM bank select pins BA1 and BA0 are connected to address lines A14 and A13,

My question is:

Is that always the case, that A14 and A13 must be connected to the BA1 and BA0 of the SDRAM chip, regardless of the numbers of used address pins?

When I issue a NOP command (LPC_EMC->DynamicControl = 0x00000183) to the EMC, the EMC registers are corrupted and the clock speed for the EMC, CPU etc is reduced?? The code keeps running but at ofcourse at extremly slow pace. Any idea why this happens? Please see attached images

I'm running the EMC clock at 120 MHz?