Function calls from ASM

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Fklein23 on Wed Jul 23 13:03:08 MST 2014
I have the following assembly function:

        .global PixelRotDelay

  movr1,r1             // approximately 12.3 nanosecs per mov
  movr1,r1             // approximately 12.3 nanosecs per mov
  bx lr                   // function return

When I call this function from C code, This is the disassembly of the caller:

450           PixelRotDelay();
0000a306:   bl      0x68d4 <PixelRotDelay>

... and this works fine and does just what I want. the bx,lr instruction returns to the right place and the stack is back to its original, pre-function call, state.

But, I need to embed calls to this function from inside assembly language, too, because the function injects a precisely calibrated delay, which is needed in dozens of places.

Unfortunately, this code, inside an assembly language function:

      bl  PixelRotDelay

crashes the stack.

What am I doing wrong???