Automatic bitrate detection on a CAN network

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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to set up an automatic bit rate detection (LPC1778 controller + LOM).
Testing all valid bit rates works fine as long as more than one other CAN device is active on my network.
I haven't managed to detect a bit rate when LPC1778 and the sending CAN device are the only active devices.
(OK, each transmitted Message needs to be acknowledged by at least one other CAN device. )
But there is a time when the sending CAN device reaches error-warning limit and may not destroy the message it transmits.
This message should be detected by LPC1778, but it is not?!? (It works for other CAN-Controllers.)
What's the way to detect a valid bit rate when only the detecting device and one sending CAN-Device are active?
My code...
(Cyclic call of BSP_CAN_Autobaud(), CAN-Controller initialized in listen only mode)

// Automatic bitrate detection...
// Return values: 0..8 = index of detected bitrate , 10 detection in progress, >= 90 Error.
BYTE BSP_CAN_Autobaud(void)
    //check status of Receive Buffer
    if ( (LPC_CAN1->SR & CAN1SR_RBS ) != 0  ||
         (LPC_CAN1->GSR & CAN1SR_RBS ) != 0    )
    { // Valid Message received...
        LPC_CAN1->CMR = CAN1CMR_RRB;
        return g_BS_CAN.eBaudrate;
        if( (BS_GetMsTicks()-g_BS_CAN.ulAutoBaudStartTime) > BS_CAN_AUTOBAUD_TIMEOUT_MS)
        { // No messages received, try next baudrate...

Thanks for any hint.