How to use internal Flash memory for data storage with so long execution times?

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I need to save a small set of small variables, rarely changed during the execution time. Internal flash memory and IAP commands seem to me a good choice. I already read and studied AN11008 documentantion and code.

I have only one but big problem. When a variable is updated, a swap of sectors could happen. And this operation takes a long time (more than 100ms!). During this time, interrupts are disabled.

My gadget is a RS485 slave on a bus network. I use UART rx interrupts to receive bytes from the bus. If I disable interrupts for an interval of 100ms, I surely lost some bytes and I could end with problems on communication.

It seems the IAP routines can't be splitted in small parts and transformed using a state-machine pattern. So I can't see any way to solve this big problem.

Any suggestions? Is an external non-volatile memory the only solution?