Decision on choosing crystal alongside PLL

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I have been told for noisy environments having smaller value of external crystal is better and base on the user manual that says "A smaller value of the PLL N as well as smaller value of M Both result in better PLL operational stability and lower jitter "
now consider these situations :
1- 1   Mhz crystal Fcco=300Mhz  Cpu(core)=100Mhz -> M=150 N=1 CPU div =3
2- 10 Mhz crystal Fcco=300Mhz  Cpu(core)=100Mhz -> M=15   N=1 CPU div =3
Which configuration do you recommend. Having smaller M and N value or smaller crystal for EMC ?

lower value of Fcco result in lower power dissipation so should I always try to keep it low and it is the best configuration ?