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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Aditya Mittal on Mon Mar 30 06:05:19 MST 2015
  I am using demo kit for LPC1788 controller developed by Embedded Artists. I am trying to use the SD Card on the eval kit, over SD Interface (and not SPI). I have taken the help from sample files for MCI Interface downloaded form LPCware.

Attached are the files for reference (one is the application file and other is the low level driver file). I followed the steps/sequence to initialize the SD card as given the reference file, which is working fine.

The Problem is when I try to read from and write to SD card I again have to follow the same sequence of steps as for initialization, which I feel is incorrect. While I believe, I should only be required to send commands from CMD 3 onwards to enter in data transfer mode and subsequently to read and write.

My requirement is that I should be able to perform read/write operations any number of times and whenever required by my application.

Please help me to improve my understanding and possible reason and solution for my problem.

Thanks in advance.

-Aditya Mittal

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