CAN2 Send Error

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I have a customized board for LPC1768. I am facing problem problem with CAN transmission.
I am able to receive message but cannot transmit.
I am using CMSIS library.Initially I had problem with even receiving frames  ,it got solved by changing CLKPWR_SetPCLKDiv (CLKPWR_PCLKSEL_CAN2, CLKPWR_PCLKSEL_CCLK_DIV_2); to CLKPWR_SetPCLKDiv (CLKPWR_PCLKSEL_CAN2, CLKPWR_PCLKSEL_CCLK_DIV_4); [all three statements]
But now when I send data global status register shows At least one requested transmission has not been successfully completed
after that bus goes off and even reception of frames will stop.
I tried few example available in internet but could not find a solution.
I am using SN65HVD230D CAN transceiver.

Please help and guide.
I somebody has working code then please share.
Thank you,