LPCXpresso IDE connects to LPCXpresso LCP1769 CMSIS-DAP Rev.D only when it's not inserted into LPCXpresso/ mbed BaseBoard Rev. B

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Hello all,

I'm having trouble getting started with the Embedded Artists LPCXpresso LPC1769 + LPCXpresso/mbed Baseboard.  I have thoroughly gone through the documentation and have not been able to load a program onto the LPC1769 without physically removing it from the BaseBoard. 

  [*]When the LPC1769 is not in the BaseBoard the IDE allows me to choose a LinkServer as can be seen in attached image "LPC1769 without being connected to baseboard".
  [*]When the LPC1769 is inserted into the BaseBoard the IDE cannot "see" any emulators. 


What am I doing incorrectly?  Am I forgetting a jumper?  I'm stumped and would really appreciate your input.